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God’s plan for you is to succeed and live a victorious life. For this plan to come to pass, sometimes, you need faith, strategy and insight. I write fresh posts from time to time to help you thrive in your callings, ministry and walk with God.

Waiting on God: The Missing Link.

Have you been waiting on God for some answers or intervention in some areas of your life? In this blog post, I am going to share with you what it means to wait on God in a way that we won't be wasting God’s or our own time. What does it mean to wait on God? Waiting on...

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Adaptability – Not the Size or Strength.

Adaptability is an important factor in achieving our life purpose and goals in life. Nothing in life is predictable except change itself. To make a lasting impact we must learn to change and adapt to changing situations and circumstances. “When a strong man, with all...

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Success is who you are

The ability to define yourself by who you are instead of what you do is the foundation for greatness. Jesus could have defined himself as a carpenter or a miracle worker instead of calling himself as the son of God. Many people today define themselves by their job,...

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Let Go Of Anything that Stops You

You have been travelling a particular road for so many years and the road hasn’t brought you to the desired destination, you need to stop. Wasting your time and destiny is not patience. Stop equating the loss of direction with patience. Sometimes it’s important we...

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